Generation gap...?

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This is actually more SAD than FUNNY, but still... The world is sooo fucked up.

Romance overdose

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My favourite romantic movies/scenes... Heartbreak next!? ;)

Titanic: ...a few seconds of this can make me cry! Will there EVER be a more romantic movie?

Gladiator: My favourite movie, in all categories.
("random note": ever since the first time I saw this movie I've said that I want the soundtrack,
"Now we are free", played at my funeral)

Braveheart: Dear God... William Wallace, marry me! <3

Beauty and the beast: My favourite Disney! <3
(...but you know what, it's better in Swedish. Yes, really!)

The Notebook: I know... All girls love this... (which might tell you something?)

Bär en egendesignad klocka - klicka här för att komma igång!

Some motivation

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Pure hate

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I'm flying solo

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Yep, pretty much

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Early morning

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Time to take my fat ass up to Stockholm and do some work! So long, bitchachos! ;)

"What a girl's makeup means" BÄST! :D

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hahahaha, after 620 (!!!) answered questions, I got these test results...

Guess most of it is true though, haha. But am I not more romantic than that!? Hm...

nice quote

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My categories

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Hey, I've just changed some categories' names to make it easier for you English speaking
readers to find what you're looking for on my blog.. As you can see some categories have
both the Swedish and the English "names" ... What a great opportunity for all of you who
don't speak Swedish to learn some, haha!!! :D


Hudvård / Skin care
Hårvård / Hair care

.....and  "Kändisskvaller"  literally means  "Celeb gossip", but I just wrote Celebs because
there is actually NOT ONLY gossip, more pictures and what I think about the celebrities'
styles and outfits. Hope you like it.


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I've just added a Twitter-button to every post
to make it easier for you to
share posts you like.

(you find it below the comment field when you visit the post /permalink/)


Nu har jag lagt till en Twitter-knapp till varje inlägg  (syns när ni går in på 'permalink'),
så om ni vill dela med er av ett inlägg ni gillar så gör ni det enkelt via Twitter.

Knappen är UNDER kommentarsfältet.


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Here come some update from England!!! Sitting in the kitchen (my "old family's" house)
in West Sussex. Just got a piece of newly baked Hungarian strawberry pie, yummieee!!!
The two au pairs that are here working now are from Hungary and Italy... Really nice. :)
It is the Hungarian guy's girlfriend who did the delicious pies... ;D

On monday me and Nele will hopefully go to Guildford for some shopping. The weather
has been okay  -  this far. Some rain, some sun, but mostly clouded. The doggies and the
horsies regognized me so that made me happy. Missed them sooo much!!! And the kids
of course!!! Will upload a lot of pics when I'm home again and have time for it. See ya!!!

Gothenburg Day 2-3

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Friday: LISEBEEERG !!! We took a ride with most of the attractions. Felt like having a
terrible hangover afterwards. Uhh. Not nice. But in the evening me and Nele went away
to the countryside with my parents. The Swedish west (best) coast. Wonderful.

Saturday: Sightseeing and "loppmarknad" on my beloved Paradise Island !!! Nele also
got to know my baby horsies. They liked her and she liked them. Awh... <3

Now we are back in Gothenburg again. Just watching a James Bond movie. See ya.

Gothenburg Day 1

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Hm... My German friend were supposed to come here yesterday as you know, buuuut,
what happens!? She sets the damn train on fire so she couldn't make it to the airport in
time (typical German girl). Anyway, she came here 9 o'clock this morning (weeiii) with
Stena Line.

Today we have done a lot of tourist stuff;
been to Universeum, Maritiman, Utkiken (Läppstiftet), going with 'Paddan', Avenyn...
Tomorrow we are going to Liseberg. Gonna be niiice. Now we are gonna watch a movie
and just chill out. Peace.

25th anniversary <3

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Magic update

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Yeah, it's nice when the blog updates itself, haha!!!  Right now, I'm hopefully "far away"
on my Paradise island. There is no place in the world that I love more...  Seriously, this
is the only place where my soul finds complete peace... My heart knows this is home.

24 years YOUNG <3

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